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Analysing and better understanding the physical and non-physical barriers limiting the sustainable development of multimodal transport in the Adriatic Ionian region, developing ICT applications and elaborating and adopting a transnational strategy for the improvement of multimodal transport in ADRION were at the core of the ADRIPASS project. Regional cooperation, border crossing facilitation, dematerialization of processes exploiting the potential of ICT applications as well as stakeholders structured involvement and cooperation have represented a key element, not only to overcome the pre-existing bottlenecks facilitating multimodality in the area, but also to partially face the unprecedented challenges caused by the COVID 19 pandemic.

Building on the positive results achieved within ADRIPASS and considering the importance of capitalizing and further developing sustainable solutions for improving multimodal freight transport in the region, the ADRIPASS PLUS project will focus on:

  1. promoting stakeholders’ involvement to update the ADRIPASS transnational strategy, with a special focus on ensuring its resilience to COVID-19 and the consequent economic crisis;
  2. capitalizing, upgrading and enhancing already developed ICT platforms (Port Community Systems and similar ICT Applications) as a powerful and cost-effective tool to support dematerialization of processes in the Ports, improving ports efficiency with positive and concrete impacts on the efficiency of maritime-hinterland connectivity;
  3. further disseminating project results at regional, national and transnational level increasing awareness of the solutions developed within European Territorial Cooperation projects among transport stakeholders, regional and national authorities.

Through the results of the ADRIPASS PLUS Project and in particular thanks to the institutional dialogue promoted in the framework of the already set ADRIPASS Transnational Cooperation Network, the transnational strategy for the enhancement of multimodal transport in the ADRION region will be updated taking into account the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic and the point of view of transport stakeholders, national and European policy makers (Ministries of Transport, Transport Community, European Commission).

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